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GCH Sharls Delamantha Divine Mind CGN, RN,RA,PCD
Multi Group & Multi BOB Winner   
NOT at public stud

Mala!!  Breed ranked #11 in Canada of 2010

Mar.3rd/13 Mala with new owner Jody Waldin was superb and wins SELECT dog over several specials in the large Vancouver show in BC. On his way to his grand. Congratulations
to Jody and our wonderful boy Mala

Aug 7th/13 Mala wins select dog all three days at the Glasiser show. He also
earned his CGN title. Great job Jody & Mala

Aug11th/13 Mala wins select dog  twice at the Victoria show in BC( picture below)

Sept 21/13 Mala wins a group 1st & 2nd plus select dog and three Best Veteran
To gain his GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP. WOW !!!!!!   What a weekend this was

MAY 23/14   MALA earns his RN title

JUNE 15th   MALA earns his RA title He is truly an all round

SEPT. 7th   Mala earns a PCD Title

Date of Birth: July 6th/2006
Colour: Pure for Sable & white
Height 15"

Thyroid full panel plus tgaa-Clear
Vwd: Clear  -   Eyes: clear
Hips OFA-Good -   Elbows: Norm
MDR-1- Norm  - Full Detenion
Sperm count tested -Excellent
Proven with litters on the ground

Sire: Ch.Delamantha's Divine Mudra
Dam: Sharls Lady Shalenvera ROMC
Breeder & Co-owner: Sharon MacLean
Owner;  Jody Waldie of BC     



Pictured at 4yrs


Mala below taking Winners Dog  at Ontario Breeders Show
handled by Shelly McHugh Boumans,
Thanks Shelly for another job well done.

Winning  BOB & GROUP 1ST   over a very  large speciality
entry. At the Big Frazer Valley sheltie speciality show in BC.  It
was a very exciting day for his owner & all of us.

Going for his GRAND title


August 11 2013
Taken at the Victoria show in BC. Where he was beautifully presented
and shown by his owner Jody and went on to win select dog and points
towards his GRAND title. We are hoping he will achieve this. Well done
Jody an way to go MALA we are very proud

  !!!!!  NEW GRAND CHAMPION !!!!!!

This past weekend Sept 21st  at the Mount  Cheam Show in BC. Shown this time by Liana Maloney
My bred by/co-owned boy  CH SHARLS DELAMANTHA DIVINE MIND did a superb job.
Winning  a group 1st a Group 2  &  Select dog, Plus winning three Best veterans in Show to complete his  
         points for his Grand Championship title over some lovely specials.
   Sharls Shelties is so ecstatic, happy and are totally thrilled to announce new


Ch. Delamantha Divine Mudra   &   Sharls Lady Shalanvera ROMC

Our Congratulations and thanks to all the other competitors with their wins.
ALSO Our Big thanks to all the judges who awarded MALA his wins towards his grand and seen his great
qualities. Thank you so much!!
My sincere and heartfelt thanks to his owner/handler Jody Waldi  for all her hard work and commitment in  
getting and taking MALA to this milestone of his  GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP Title. Showing him herself
as a non-professional handler.
As a very very small breeder, This is a huge achievement for me as a breeder, an words cannot/could not
express enough of my  deepest appreciation to you for all you done.  What a weekend it was !!!!
Congratulations! To Jodi Waldi and our star MALA.  A Wonderful job well well done!!!!!

***  I would like to congratulate Jody Waldi on taking MALA to his RN & RA title. This is fantistice news
& what a fantastice job  you both did .


MALA"s  offspring
This is one of mala's offspring.  A very
lovely show bitch puppy. She is 4.5 months old

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